Each person has 31,536,000 seconds annually, but have you ever noticed how fast those seem to fill up with activities. If you are thinking of opening a vacation rental business, then you need to consider if you have the time required to operate it properly.


Before you even list your property, you will need to do a lot of research. You will need to identify who your competition is and what they are doing to attract guests to their units. Furthermore, you need to determine what activities draw people to your geographical region. It is always a very good idea to develop a targeted audience profile before you begin.

Preparing Your Rental

Armed with the information you researched, you are ready to begin preparing your rental. In very few cases, you may be able to just remove your personal belongings, and you will be ready to begin. Most people, however, find that they must paint and resurface the floors. Others find that they need to completely redesign the space to attract their targeted audience.Creating outdoor living spaces with a hot tub and cooking area pays very well for most vacation rental property owners.

Making your Listing

Your listing can help you build a great business or make it fall flat on its face. The process begins with cleverly describing the property in a way that will be attractive to your targeted audience. Many people become so excited about finally listing their property that they skip important steps or run through them with reckless abandonment. This can come back to haunt you later as guests find other properties more attractive when they think about their own needs. Your listing must be approved, and it must be updated regularly taking even more time.

Choosing Service Providers

Even if you plan to do most of the day-to-day maintenance yourself, you still need to hire some service providers. You will need a great WiFi provider who understands that downtime costs you money. You also need the best cable provider in the area. Furthermore, you need to have a plumber and an electrician’s number on speed dial for the jobs that you cannot do yourself. Murphy’s Law says that there will be a very demanding client in the rental when something breaks.


After you have laid all the foundation work, then you are finally ready to accept your first booking. While the process seems quite straightforward, you will need to communicate with the guest to determine if your rental meets their expectations. Additionally, you need to learn a little about them so that you can prepare special materials and treats for them during their stay as you need great feedback. You also need to make sure that you keep your calendar updated on all the different sites after you accept the reservation or decide that you want to use the property yourself during a given period.

Arrival of Guests

You are finally to the day when your first guest walks proudly through the door of your vacation rental. You will need to be on hand, even if it is the middle of the night, to give them their keys and help them settle in. Guests may have countless questions about your rental, and a tour of it is almost mandatory even if you promised your son you would be at his ballgame.

After their stay, you will need to check for and repair any damages, take steps to secure feedback while leaving feedback for them and prepare the unit for the next guest. If this sounds like more work than you are prepared to handle, then there is an easy solution. Hiring an Airbnb property management company allows you to earn most of the profit from a vacation rental without all the hassles. They already know the market, have experts ready to handle the redecorating and remodeling and are ready to handle guests and the issues that they create. You really can earn money from a vacation rental while on vacation when you work with our Airbnb property management company.