An outdoor living space is a great addition to your Airbnb property. The cost of creating one is often absorbed by more people renting your property at a higher rate. Many people also find that their occupancy rate escalates when they offer an outdoor kitchen. Creating one can be lots of fun because it is a chance to become creative as there are so many different choices available. Follow these steps to create an outdoor living space that your guests will love. As an Airbnb Property management company, we see outdoor spaces increase the rental value all the time.

Choose a Theme

Start by selecting a theme for your outdoor dining area. Often people choose a theme based on why people stay at their property such as its location near a ballfield or major attraction. Those with an Airbnb property in the country may want to consider a rustic theme while those living near the water may want to incorporate coastal elements. Meanwhile, others choose a sophisticated theme extending with the elegance of the indoor living space. Once you decide on the theme, choose a focal point for the eye to rest on while choosing other pieces complementing the central point. This point may be the beautiful scenery viewable from your property.

Make it Private

Unless your property is located miles away from neighboring property, think about how you will separate the area from others seeing what is happening there. Tall vertical screens are the perfect solution with shelving ensures privacy while adding additional storage space. Others will want to add shrubs to block the neighbor’s view. Adding mesh screens is a favorite of many especially if insects may be a problem. Incorporating architectural elements of the existing home makes it look like the outdoor living space has been there from the beginning. While you are thinking about privacy, also consider how people will move within the outdoor space along as how they will move between the central living space and the outdoor living area.

Think About Outdoor Kitchens

Considering an outdoor kitchen is a great option for many properties. Make sure to keep it functional by designing the area in zones. Outdoor kitchen equipment often forms the boundaries of the room. The best outdoor kitchens allow people to move between indoor and outdoor kitchens quickly. Choose material that will easily withstand the elements in your geographical region. Smokers, grills and brick ovens make excellent additions to many outdoor kitchen areas. At least one fire source should be planned that guests will enjoy sitting around on cooler nights.

Contemplate Seating

A variety of seating options allows everyone to enjoy the space more. Consider using smaller chairs if families are invited to rent your Airbnb property. A seating wall is often a great option as it can often be used to stop erosion along with forming a boundary to the outside living area. Choose options allowing people to have quiet conversations in the outdoor living space. You cannot have too many seating options as long as you do not block traffic flow.

Ponder Activities

You want the people renting your space to enjoy themselves, so think about incorporating a variety of activities. You may want to plan quiet areas for reading a book along with other sectors for table games. Some people even make it easy to move from the outside living space to the yard where volleyball nets, lawn darts or other activities are provided.

Muse on Outdoor Lighting Options

Extend the time that guests can choose to use the outdoor living space by incorporating the right light. Consider task lighting where people need to see what they are doing such as the cooking area. Use mood lighting near the dining area if you are incorporating one into your outdoor living space. Increase safety by making sure that any steps and drop-offs are well lit warns one Airbnb property management company.

Our Airbnb property management company will be glad to assist you with the details. Give us a call so that we can discuss your ideas with you. We will even be happy to help you find contractors and maintenance staff to help you build and maintain outdoor living spaces.