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You Own The Home, We Do The Rest!

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Hassle Free

Everything is taken care of. No more guest phone calls or texts. No more cleaning hassles.

More Profit

Get more revenue and better guests with professional listings. Our fee pays for itself!

Cancel Anytime

Don’t like our services? You can cancel anytime because we don’t hold you to a contract. We don’t lose clients!

Why use a property manager? Great question! You benefit from our 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry. This expertise helps us get the most value out of a property, this means higher returns for you. We take the hassle out of dealing with guests and cleaning crews.  

Why short term rentals vs. traditional long term?  One tenant can be nice, but using a short-term model means higher monthly returns. You can get more income from a property just by the nature of the short term. Think of it as a hotel; you pay for the amenities and someone to clean up after you.

Customer Testimonial

I would like to forward my strongest recommendation for Jordan Taylor & Manorshare LLC. Jordan and his team currently manage multiple of my short-term rental units and have done an incredible job. The team truly hits all the important points when it comes to running such a dynamic business. Beyond impeccable customer-service and prompt response to tenant’s requests/questions, they have a strong focus on website optimization and real-world price adjustment. As an owner, I am thankful to their ability to address any issues that come up and only get me involved when it’s beyond the routine (basically when I want to get involved). Their ability to take a unit from “empty” to “listed and ready” is second to none and often their needed equipment are ordered before even the closing date. Lastly, their keeping of the finances and numbers are truly detailed, honest, and made easy to understand. I am very thankful to have them running my units and I can honestly say that I probably would not be in this business if it was not for they assistance. I recommend them without reservations.




Listing Management and Optimization – we find you the best tenants at the best price.


Guests are always in communication with our local Managers, 24/7. We host on-site walk-throughs if requested.


Your home is cleaned after every guest and put back to perfection. We stock all supplies and address any issues.


Guests payments are paid to you every month. We take our 25% fee out automatically and include an itemized statement for your records.  


We will set up a new property from scratch or ensure your existing property has all the right amenities to produce the best rates.


Don’t have a property? We will find the best rental for the purchase price, based on your budget. 


We work with a local professional photographer to create the best images to market your listing.



Guest questions are responded to quickly and accurately. We aim for perfect ratings on your listings. 

Here are some of our properties currently managed

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What is the next step?

First, we will look at your needs and what you are looking for. Typically this is through a phone call or email. If you already have a property, we will look at the address and see if it is within our coverage area. If you are looking for a property, we can talk budget and locations.   We don’t sell your information to anyone; privacy is paramount. Everything we do is no-obligation, so let’s connect!