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We offer comprehensive Airbnb management for the D.C market. If you have a short-term property or would like to invest in a rental, we are here to help.

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Currently the median home is valued at $551k in D.C.  Typical home values have increased over 7.2% just in the past 12 months! The median price of homes currently listed is $565,950.  The median rent in Washington D.C. is abut $2,650 which is great for investors.

The foreclosure rate in Washington D.C. is at 1.6 homes per 10,000, which is at the national average. Very few homeowners are delinquent on their mortgages, which is currently near 0%. The number of people underwater on their mortgages is around .1% which is around the national average.


Why invest in Washington D.C. real estate?

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The rents have been on an upward climb for the last 6 years, now that is great if you have a rental property. If not, we can help. Manorshare utilizes Airbnb’s algorithms to automatically update listing prices, but we also check them against your homes availability. That means if there is not enough bookings in a month, we are going to adjust the pricing to make it attractive to guests.

D.C has a large number of areas around it, the medium home values too:

  • Bloomingdale $743,500
  • Ledroit Park $718,600
  • Shaw $685,900
  • Truxton Circle $634,700
  • Eckington $596,800
  • Logan Circle $561,200
  • Judiciary Square $550,600
  • Mount Vernon Square $509,100
  • Penn Quarter $458,900


Interested visiting the D.C. area? This will help you: Washington D.C. Visitor Guide

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We see all kinds of guests visit the Washington D.C. area, from tourists to politicians. There is plenty of opportunity for short term rentals.

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Why Washington D.C. is a Great Place to Live and Invest

If you are thinking of moving to or investing in the Washington D.C. metro area, then now may be a perfect time. While the job market remains competitive, excellent education is easily available. The city has an easy-to-navigate transportation system for those without cars. There are plenty of things to do in the nation’s capital.

Job Market in Washington D.C.

One of the most competitive job markets in the United States is found in Washington D.C. While many jobs are in the federal government, the economy is starting to diversify with more non-governmental jobs available in financial services, legal and health care than in recent years. Those who are employed usually enjoy having one of the highest salaries in the country for their jobs.

Some jobs are very in demand in Washington D.C. These include:

  • Computer system analysts
  • Computer system engineers
  • Commissioned salespeople
  • Information security analysts
  • Management analysts
  • Network and computer systems administrators
  • Registered nurses
  • Retail salespeople
  • Software developers

Job hunters in this community can expect most applicants to have more education than in other parts of the United States. Therefore, employers often look for people who have the experience to go with their education.

If you are looking to make a career move to Washington, then consider the possibility of buying an investment property. After you have found a high paying job, you can high an Airbnb property management company to handle all the details while you are still enjoying the benefits.

Washington D.C. Transportation

Flyers have the option of using three airports to get to Washington D.C. Ronald Reagan International Airport is closest to the downtown area and is accessible by public transportation. Dulles International Airport usually has the shortest security lines, and plans are advancing to connect it to public transportation. The Baltimore/ Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport is near the train station giving flyers an easy way to get into the city.

Metrobus operates over 1,500 buses throughout the city and its suburbs. The bus system runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If you are in the downtown area, then consider using the D.C. Circulator as it is a less expensive option. Metro Access gives seniors and those with physical disabilities door-to-door access to the city.

Metrorail runs on five color-coded lines. Travelers can simply get on a train and make a connection to another color line. The train system also feeds quickly into the Metrobus system.


There are many colleges in Washington D.C. including George Washington University educating about 11,000 students on their 43-acre campus. The city is also home to the 756 acre Georgetown University that teaches about 17,500 students from 130 countries on their campus. Furthermore, the city is home to American University who educates 13,200 students from 140 countries on their 84-acre campus.

There are 33 public high schools in Washington D.C. Benjamin Banneker Academy High School, School Without Walls and McKinley Technology High School are some of the best public high schools in the city based on test scores. There are also many private high schools in the city. Highly rated private high schools include Washington Latin Pcs Upper School, Thurgood Marshall Academy, and Kipp Dc College Preparatory High School.

Things to Do

There are endless things to do in Washington D.C. There are 19 Smithsonian museums in the city including the National Zoo. Many groups also operate their non-affiliated institutions.

Rock Creek Park is a perfect place to reconnect with nature through horseback riding, hiking, and jogging. The District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation oversees over 900 acres of greenspace along with 68 recreation facilities and 35 swimming pools.

There are great restaurants throughout the city along with outstanding places to party. Some of the best bars in Washington D.C. include Reliable Tavern, The Good Silver, and Union Drinkery.

It is a perfect time to buy an Airbnb investment property in Washington D.C Consider letting a professional Airbnb property management company manages the property for you.