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Austin Airbnb Property Management City

In 2017 median home values for Austin are near $322k. The values have increased over 7.1% in the past 12 months, and they are expected to go up another 3% in 2018. The rent median price for Austin is $1,675, which has been increasing steadily.

The number of delinquent mortgages in Austin is almost 0, which is great for the area. There are also very few underwater mortgages compared to the national average.


Why is Austin great for Real Estate Investing?

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Austin has seen some of the highest increases in rent (besides San Francisco) in the last 6 years. That line goes up! We use the Airbnb pricing algorithms to make sure you always get the highest booking rates. Manorshare also checks how much your property is booked for the month, if there is a portion that is available, we adjust the pricing accordingly so you always have income.

Some great Austin areas with median house prices are:

  • Windsor Road $852,800
  • Old West Austin $608,600
  • Barton Hills $594,800
  • South River City $590,800
  • Zilker $536,800
  • Rosedale $508,900
  • Hancock $463,500
  • Galindo $416,700
  • South Lamar $370,900


Do you want to visit Austin? Here is a great guide to start with:  Visit Austin

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There are many different kinds of Airbnb guests that travel to Austin. We cater to business persons, vacation seekers, and more!

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Invest in Austin

Why invest in Austin?

If you are looking for a great place to live and invest, then you need to consider Austin, Texas. There are many fabulous jobs available with the city enjoying one of the hottest job markets in the United States. Those visiting the city find it easy to get around even if they do not have a car. Austin is also a fabulous place to explore with many different unique attractions.

Austin Job Market

Austin’s job market remains one of the hottest in the United States. Workers in Austin enjoy a great balance between work and home. Many people have found that they advance in their careers rapidly when they move to Austin with many opportunities for high-paying jobs.

Austin’s population has more education than those found in most metro areas. These individuals welcome innovation on many different fronts. The state has many different funds encouraging people to start new businesses or move current ones to the Austin area. Apple, Dell, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, LegalZoom, Oracle, National Instruments, Freescale Semiconductor and Whole Foods are just a few of the businesses with regional headquarters in this capital city.

The city is also beginning to diversify quickly. New industries in Austin include those in:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Clean energy and power technology
  • Data management
  • Digital marketing
  • Life sciences
  • Space technology

There are plenty of opportunities in Austin for everyone including those looking to invest in an Airbnb property. Buying investment property and letting an Airbnb property management company take care of the details for you makes great sense in this community.

Austin Education

Austin hosts the flagship school for the University of Texas system. Saint Edwards University, Concordia and Hutson-Tillotson University provide students with a quality liberal arts education. Austin Community College District is the largest in Texas.

U.S. News and World Report ranks eight Austin high schools among the top 500 out of 2,000 high schools considered in the nation with three found in the top 100 positions. They ranked Liberal Arts and Science Academy with its impressive student average of 1983 on SATs at the top high school. Also making the top 100 were Westwood High School and Westlake High School.

Parents who want their children to attend private school find many top-notch choices in Austin. The largest private school in Austin is Regents School of Austin with an enrollment of over 900 students followed closely by St. Andrew’s Episcopal School with an enrollment of over 850 students.

Austin Transportation

Getting to and around Austin is easy. Austin Bergstrom International Airport services the city with about 12.5 million travelers arriving or departing there each year. People can fly into or out of the airport to more than 60 direct worldwide destinations.

Nine cab companies serve Austin and surrounding areas. A unique program to Austin ensures that those choosing a public transportation option will not get stuck at work after the system shuts down. Instead, for a cheap annual cost, they can ride in a taxi.

Passengers can ride on more than 364 buses serving 82 bus routes in Austin. Often connections are necessary at the downtown terminal before riders can arrive at their final destination.

Austin Things to Do

There are many different activities available in Austin. The city is home to more than 25 museums. Learn about the presidential history at the LBJ Presidential Library and about Texas politics at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Children enjoy exploring the Thinkery while art aficionados enjoy exploring the Blanton Museum of Art.

Austin’s Sixth Street is a great place to hear live music. South by Southwest, the Republic of Texas Bike Rally and Pecan Street Festival along with other traditional festivals draw thousands to this nine block area.

Austin enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year. Playing on Lady Bird Lake is an excellent way to enjoy sunny days. The 10-mile hiking and biking trail encircles the lake making a fun way to exercise. There are numerous places to rent a canoe or kayak, but you can also bring your own. Many operators offer cruises on the lake, and numerous upscale restaurants share this lake’s beautiful shores.

Austin is a great place to live and invest. If you are looking for an investment location, it is hard to come close to this community. Our Airbnb property management company would love to discuss the possibilities with you.