If you are new to being an Airbnb host or have had some bad experiences in the past, then it is time to set up your criteria of who you will let stay in your property. Once you decide on the criteria, then it is easy to judge each person who contacts you against the same criteria. This can help you avoid your own horror stories while allowing you to meet great Airbnb guests from around the world who will treat your property as their own.

Full Airbnb Profile

Start by looking at a potential Airbnb guest’s profile when someone contacts you about renting your property. People who have taken the time to fill out their complete profile are usually more conscientious. You also receive the extra assurance that Airbnb has verified at least one form of identification such as a passport or driver’s license. Reaching profiles often give you a sense if a person is a troubled young adult or a responsible person searching or a responsible person looking for a great place to stay. Reading their profile description can often give you an idea about a potential guest’s character.

While not all young people will tear up your property, statistics show that they are more likely to do so than older guests. Therefore, you may want to set your deposit higher in circumstances where an Airbnb guest is more likely to destroy your property. If your property is located in a popular location for college parties, then you may want to charge a higher deposit. Some properties have even set age limits where each person must be over 25 or be accompanied by family members.

Contact Potential Airbnb Guests

Many Airbnb hosts get a sixth sense when they talk to a potential guest. It is always a smart move to trust your gut instinct. Even if you buy additional insurance to protect your property, it still may not cover the damage done by bad guests. Many guests will provide their phone numbers or emails, so take a few minutes to talk to them. If you decide to rent to them, you can use the information garnered to make a personal connection with the person staying in your property. Opening lines of communication builds a strong relationship where people will usually be more careful with your property.

Many Airbnb hosts and guests end up becoming friends. After all, most hosts create an environment that they would gladly live in, so it only makes sense that people who love the property share many things in common with their hosts. Several guests have even returned to the same property many times.

Read Reviews

You can often tell a lot about a person by reading the reviews that they have left on other properties where they have stayed. If they have left positive reviews for others, then you can be pretty sure that they will leave good feedback about your property too. This can be very important if you are trying to build up your feedback on Airbnb. Remember that there may be instances where something went wrong, but notice how patient they seemed to be when reviewing the situation.

If a person seems to be always complaining about small things, then it is usually wise to avoid them. Alternatively, guests who are raving about properties similar to your property can help build your own feedback.

Look at Social Connections

Airbnb allows users to connect their social media accounts to their Airbnb pages. Take a look at their Facebook, Instagram or other accounts, and you can tell a lot about an individual. If they post a lot of wild party scenes, then it is usually a good idea to walk away. Alternatively, if they post photos of them playing with grandkids or other family photos, then chances are that they might be a good choice. Taking a look at their friend’s list, may even allow you to find someone that you both know.

Be a Great Airbnb Host

One of the best ways to get great guests is to be a good host. Describe your property accurately. Look for ways to make a personal connection. Be sure that you more than meet your guest’s expectations whenever possible. When someone leave you a review, respond promptly and professionally. Leave feedback for each guest staying at your property. Word of mouth will spread rapidly, and your property will soon fill up with good guests.

There are several ways that you can find great guests to stay in your property. Look for guests who have filled out their profile completely. Make a personal connection to see why they want to stay in your location. Read reviews that they have left on other properties. Take a gander at their social media accounts looking for people who value quiet times and family. Finally, when you are a great host, people will tell their friends about your Airbnb property.

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