If you are thinking of renting your home or other property as an Airbnb, then there are some items that you need to think about providing. Allowing guests access to these items will increase your ratings, and you will get more returning guests. You will also find that guests who find your unit well-equipped are more likely to recommend staying at your property to their friends. As an Airbnb property management company, we recommend that you print this list and put it where you can refer to it often.


Almost everyone loves to curl up at night and watch television on vacation. Many people also like to listen to the news or other programming as they get ready in the morning. Therefore, the primary living space should have a large television. You should also think about providing smaller units in each sleeping area. Make sure that you have the top cable or satellite television package. A DVD player with an extensive movie selection can also be an excellent way to show guests that you are glad that they chose to stay with you.


People want to connect with their friends even while they are on vacation while others may need to check work emails. Others prefer to spend part of their stay catching up on their favorite YouTube shows. Therefore, you should provide high-speed internet for your guests. You may also want to consider providing a computer or laptop if people staying in your unit are primarily there to work. Make sure to leave chargers where people can find them along with making sure that your unit has enough plugins to charge all the modern electronic devices.

Pull-Out Couch

You can usually demand more money for your unit if it has a pull-out couch as more people can stay in your Airbnb. A comfortable sofa also makes a perfect place to relax at night. Going on vacation is a very good time to take a nap on a couch, so make sure that it has a fluffy blanket or homemade quilt. This item just seems to scream welcome home.


Luxurious bed sheets and towels are a great way to let guests know that you are glad that they chose to stay with you. If it is likely that guests will spend time playing on the nearby beach or at a swimming pool, then make sure that you provide special towels for guests to take with them to these areas. Be sure that guests have access to extra blankets throughout the year. If children are allowed in your unit, then consider leaving some child-sized blankets as well.


Think about the last time that you went on vacation. If you are like many people, some toiletry seemed to jump out of your bag without you ever noticing. Therefore, make sure you leave sample-size toiletries where your guests can easily find them. Splurging on locally produced soaps and body washes can be an excellent way to increase interest in the area.


Get a large laminated map of your community and leave it where guests can easily find it. Mark places that you can highly recommend to your guests with a dry-erase marker on the map. The choices should be based on places that you think your guests will find most interesting based on their interests. If guests are likely to go for a run or walk, then print off a smaller map that they can carry with them. If your guests are likely to use public transportation, then include schedules and maps.

Weather Essentials

Guests may forget to check the weather before their vacation, so prepare for weather-related emergencies. Place two or three large umbrellas by the door and a jacket or two in the closet. If it is likely to be hot, then hang a wide-brimmed hat on the wall.


One of the reasons that people often cite for choosing to stay in an Airbnb instead of a hotel is the chance to prepare their meals. Therefore, make sure that it is easy for your guests to do that by providing them with good appliances, basic cooking tools, and a well-stocked spice rack.

Supplying these necessities to your guests can provide rich dividends to your business. If you need help getting your unit going, then please contact our Airbnb property management company. We will be glad to share our knowledge with you.