If you are looking to attract business travelers to your Airbnb, then you need to prepare to attract them with the right advertising, great accommodations and by being a great host. More than 250,000 companies have embraced their customers staying in an Airbnb in the United States with many business travelers returning to the same area numerous times.

Consider Your Advertising

To get business executives to stay in your property, you need to write your property description with them in mind. State how far you are from the nearest airport, important business areas in your city or the convention center because business travelers are looking to stay in convenient locations. Additionally, check with the local chamber of commerce and convention centers to see what major conventions and events are coming up and mention them in your advertising. Business people are always pressed for time, so make sure that you offer instant booking.

Consider your pricing if you want to rent to business travelers. Many need to stay in an area for numerous days, so see if you can give them a break for staying more than one night. This may also be a great way to encourage business travelers to relax and spend the weekend enjoying your property keeping it full for longer. Realize that business travelers are very budget conscious. While you may want to raise your prices when major conventions are in town, try to keep your prices lower than business hotels to encourage travelers to stay at your property. Once you start to receive positive feedback, then you may be able to raise your rates slightly.

Organize Your Property

To be listed in the business traveling section of the Airbnb website, you must have a no pets policy, operate a smoke-free facility and take steps to make your property allergen free. Additionally, business travelers must be able to check-in 24 hours a day seven days a week. While this is a great place to start, you need to take it to the next level to attract business travelers and get great reviews from them. Make sure your location has:

  • Reliable Wi-Fi at top speeds
  • Work desk with comfortable chair
  • Lots of outlets
  • Extra chargers
  • Easy parking


You will want to make it as easy on the person staying at your property to look great in the morning as possible. Therefore, think about offering premium bath products, an iron and ironing board, and weather-appropriate jackets and umbrellas.

Be a Great Host

It is not hard to tell what industry a business traveler works in, so prepare a list of industry-specific areas of interest in your community. If you do not know where these places are, usually local business associations and the chamber will be glad to help you.

Business travelers demand privacy. Therefore, make sure that there are no loud parties at your property while they are staying there. In fact, most business executives would rather rent an entire apartment or house than having to share it with other people.

While your weekend guests may enjoy preparing meals in your unit, most business travelers need quick places to eat. Look around your community for places offering quick meals at reasonable prices. Focus on local restaurants when possible as many travelers get very tired of eating at the same restaurants for weeks on end.

Ask for Reviews

Write a quick note shortly after the business traveler has left telling them how much you enjoyed them staying at your property. You may even want to send them a little gift focusing on things you learned about them during their stay or their industry from your local area. Ask them to leave a positive review for your property or to let you know if there are areas that need improvement. Business travelers are often a great source of inspiration for ways to improve your Airbnb property management because they stay in so many different places each year.

There are many different ways that you can market your property to business travelers with your listing, according to an Airbnb property management expert. After you start attracting executives, then make sure to exceed their expectations by providing them a great place to work and information about your area. Make it easy for them to leave great reviews of your property because business travelers rely on the impressions of other executives when choosing their next place to stay.