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Are you ready? Summer is Coming!

Top tips to prepare your vacation rental for summer in 2019

As spring arrives in Seattle and other parts of the country, it is time to start preparing your property for the upcoming vacation season. Of course, you will want to treat yourself to some well-deserved time off, but do not let these days slip by too quickly or you will end up with sleepless nights in wherever your vacation property is located.

Refresh Your Property

Use this time to refresh your property. Get those walls painted that you never seem to have time to do during the busier months when your property stays full. Remember that you never have a second chance to make a first impression, so get some low-maintenance flowers planted that will bloom without much help throughout the upcoming year. If you have plants or trees that need to be pruned, get them taken care of before your summer guests start arriving.

Update the Look

Move inside to look at your property. If you are still using last year’s sheets and blankets, ensure that they are not starting to show their age. Ponder what atmosphere you are trying to create in your property. Find ways to enhance those so that guests will leave even more five-star reviews when they start arriving later in the year.

You will also want to restock for the upcoming season to cut down on the number of late-night trips you need to buy supplies. Hopefully, you have kept track of how many rolls of toilet paper, bottles of lotion and other things you went through during the last season. If you provide a kitchen, then check out supplies there. Get rid of any cups, plates or other items that have gotten stained or cracked. Make sure that you have plenty of napkins, spices, and plastic-ware on hand to delight your guests. Stock up now and eliminate the hassle of trying to find them later.

Review Staff

If you hire things out at your vacation property, then now is a great time to review your staffing requirements for the upcoming year. Decide on who is doing you a great job and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. It may even be time to hand out a few bonuses. Touch bases with them to make sure that they are ready for the upcoming season.Unfortunately, some staff may need to be replaced because of job performance. If that is the case, then find reliable replacements. After all, you do not want it hurting your reviews during the upcoming season. Review these contracts and let them know that you do not intend to renew them. Then, get busy replacing them with reputable individuals and companies. If this part is taking too much time, that is what we do! We manage your Airbnb property and make it a hassle-free experience.

Update Your Guides

If it has been a while since you create your city guide, then it is time to update it. Make sure that the places that you recommend are still in business and still pleasing customers. See if there are new places that you need to recommend. Look at the upcoming festival season and provide that information to your guests to encourage re-bookings. While you are at it, while not send a quick note to your guests from last year encouraging them to book their stays with you again this year as early as possible.Review Rates and Occupancy

You need to spend some time on Airbnb’s site reviewing properties like yours. Look to be sure that you have your prices set fairly to attract guests. See what other properties are using as keywords in their descriptions. After all, it is far better to keep your property rented than to have lots of empty nights. Make sure to do this throughout the season to stay on top!

Hire a Professional

One thing that you will want to do is to hire a Airbnb property management company. You do not want to spend the beautiful days of spring and the upcoming travel season bogged down in managing the details of your property. Instead, let someone do the hard work for you and enjoy the benefits of owning a vacation property. These beautiful days of spring will be gone before you know it. You need to get a hustle on before your summer guests start arriving.

10 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate for 2019

As we look forward to all 2019 has to offer, you may be wondering how you can generate more income without having to put in more hours away from your precious loved ones. The stock market has been extremely volatile in 2018, so putting your money in a different asset class could be a great idea.

Buying real estate may be the perfect answer. Here are 10 reasons that buying real estate as an investment makes great sense.

Earn Passive Income

When you hire a professional Airbnb property management company to handle your property, owning real estate requires very little activity on your part. Yet, it continually generates income for you and your family. While you are enjoying time with your family, another family is enjoying time with theirs at your property.

Adds Stability to Your Portfolio

The stock market is full of uncertainty, so your net worth may bounce up and down like a basketball being dribbled. Adding real estate to your portfolio helps ensure a level of stability. There have been many periods in the United States history when the value of a real estate investment grew year-over-year. That scenario has not been true of many other investments. At the same time, putting all your investment money into one type of investment is often not a good idea. Investing in different cities also helps keep your portfolio stable. Manorshare offers property management services in Arizona (Phoenix and Prescott), Auston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, Washington DC, and are always expanding.

Depend on Market Cycles

Working with a professional team allows you to understand which areas of the world are best for real estate investment at the moment. After all, you want to buy low and sell high. We can help you identify markets where there is more of a demand for Airbnb properties and set up the process of allowing our professional team to manage them for you.

Count on Leverage to Maximize Returns

It is relatively easy for most people to borrow money to buy real estate. Then, you can further use leverage when you use your Airbnb payments to pay down your mortgage. Finally, since most real estate properties grow in value over time, you have a tangible asset that is consistently growing in value.

Tax Advantages for short term rentals

While you should always consult a tax professional about your specific circumstances, there may be tax benefits to owning an Airbnb property. These include being able to:

Deduct an amount equal to 20 percent of your net rental income as a business pass-through tax
Deduct for fire systems, security systems, roofs, and HVAC used personally
Deduct 100 percent of the cost of appliances and furniture placed in a short-term rental
Deduct all mortgage interest payments as a business expense
Deduct interest on credit cards and personal loans made to do repairs or upgrade your property
Deduct your property taxes
Deduct the cost of property insurance
Deduct the cost of fees paid to a vacation listing service
Deduct any expenses incurred while traveling to conduct business
Deduct home office expenses if appropriate

Increase Cash Flow

As you pay down and finally off your mortgage, then you have more cash available for other things. You may choose to invest it in additional property. On the other hand, you may choose to use it to meet your living expenses allowing you to work less. Remember that paying even one extra mortgage payment a year can shave years off the end of your mortgage allowing you to invest sooner or retire at an earlier age.

Provides a Renewable Source of Credit

As you pay off your mortgage or your vacation property increases in value, you may be building up credit in your investment. You can often borrow against this value allowing you to make other investments. Then, as you pay it off again, you can use it again and again.

Retain Control

When you use Airbnb property management, you eliminate the hassles of owning a vacation property. Yet, you still retain complete control allowing you to buy, sell or do whatever you want with your property.

Build Your Credit

As you use your income from the vacation property to pay your mortgage off on time, you are building your credit. This often results in lower interest payments on other loans. It may also increase the chance of getting more credit for allowing you to do other things in your life.

Investment Hedge

Over a period of time as your great reviews and prices in the area where the vacation property is rented rise, you can charge guests more. This allows you to beat inflation.

There are many reasons that Airbnb properties may make great investments. Contact our Airbnb property management company to learn more details.

How to Reduce Liability as an Airbnb Host

Reduce your liability as an Airbnb Host

Please note, this is not legal advice as we are not attorneys. These are suggestions based on our experience as Airbnb Property Managers.

If you are or thinking about renting your property out on Airbnb, then there are several legal issues that you may want to consider before proceeding forward. While Airbnb offers hosts a limited liability policy, they say they cannot be held responsible for the actions of hosts. This leaves hosts in murky water at best. Here are some steps that you may want to consider taking if you are going to be an Airbnb host.

Get an Umbrella Insurance Policy

If you have been an Airbnb host for very long, then you can probably tell some amazing stories about what your guests have tried to do on your property. For example, the company has been sued for a host’s dog mauling a guest in Argentina and a man who was using a tree swing when a dead tree fell on him. Another visitor had a hammock collapse after it was inadvertently put up with hollow two by fours and the chain broke crashing into her mouth causing years of painful dental work.

Start by calling your homeowner’s insurance company to see if you are currently covered if something happens. In many cases, you will not be because money changed hands. Then, ask them if they have additional coverage that you can buy.

Manorshare can help you get connected with insurance agents who understand our business. Contact us today!

The best answer, however, is to buy a commercial umbrella policy as it covers many things that can go wrong. Make sure to read the policy very carefully. There are some policies that will not cover your home if you rent out part of it while you live full-time in another part of it. Additionally, make sure that all your activities are covered. For example, if you have a boat that guests are free to use, then make sure that it is covered or if you have a liquor that guests can indulge in make sure that is covered because you can end up responsible for underage drinking even if you are not present.

Pay for a Safety Inspection

In February 2018, Airbnb started inspecting about 2,000 properties in 13 cities with plans to expand the program over time. These hosts are then eligible to display a banner on their site declaring that the property has been inspected.

Some counties and cities have also started inspecting properties before the owner is allowed to rent them. This helps ensure that the property has met minimum safety standards. Contacting a professional Airbnb property management company can help you locate the specific laws for your area.

At a minimum, pay a local home inspector to come out and do an inspection of your property just like you would likely pay for one if you were buying or selling a property. If you have trouble locating one in your area, then contact a Realtor as they often work with home inspectors on a daily basis.

If there is an association of bed and breakfasts in your area, then consider contacting them as they may have or know of inspectors specifically trained to look at hazards of short-term properties. The local fire department will sometimes do a home inspection for a fee. While they will usually be more interested in spotting fire dangers, it is certainly better than no inspection at all.

Provide Basic Safety Equipment

The types of basic safety equipment that you need to provide will depend on the type of property that you own. For example, if you provide a swimming pool or a hot tub, then you will want to provide a cover and a gate so those little ones cannot wander into the area without anyone paying attention  (local laws vary on this, so make sure you are compliant).

Each bedroom should have a working fire alarm. You should also make sure that there is a carbon monoxide detector on each level of the home. Furthermore, there should be several prominently displayed first-aid kits in the home. At a minimum, these kits should contain:

  • Absorbent dressings
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Cloth tape
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Space blanket
  • Breathing barrier
  • Cold compress
  • Non-latex gloves
  • Hydrocortisone ointment packages
  • Scissors
  • Roller bandages
  • Gauze pads
  • Tweezers

In addition to a first aid kit, make sure that you have emergency numbers prominently posted in plain sight. Let guests know that they should contact authorities first and then you if something happens.

If you often have babies or young children staying in your property, then you may also want to think about installing childproof locks on your cabinets and drawers. You may even want to take it to the next level so that an alarm sounds when someone opens the door nearest the hot tub or swimming pool without first turning off the alarm. This could be a nice feature in your listing, if a space is safe for small children.

Following these three precautions is only the start of what you need to do to make sure that you and your property is protected if someone decides to sue you. It is always a good idea to talk to an attorney who is familiar with your individual circumstances for further suggestions. As a professional Airbnb property management company we would also be glad to help you understand liability issues better.

Exchange Your Stock Market Gains Into Airbnb Investments with NO TAXES DUE!

We have seen an amazing rally in the stock market for almost ten years, and many experts now believe we are due for a major correction in the value of stocks across the globe, but particularly in the United States. In fact, the market is largely flat since the beginning of 2018. To add to this risk, the “experts” are predicting that any correction that does happen in the near term is coming this summer.




With the DJA (Dow) with only a .14% (yes 14/100ths of a percent) return year to date as of May 25, 2018, the time may be right to begin to move money.

One of the major hold-ups in people moving out of the market has been the built-in gains they have accumulated over the past several years – which would cause a potentially massive tax bill when they “sell” and re-invest into something else.


As part of the most recent Federal tax legislation, there is a newly created tax incentive called “opportunity zone investing”. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provided for this benefit, and it could be a huge benefit for you. Here is an example of how it works:

  • In 2012, you invested $250,000 into the “stock market” (this could be any investment – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s etc.)
  • As of today, you have $750,000 in your account – $250,000 of the original investment and $500,000 of largely or entirely untaxed gains.
  • If you sell – you will need to pay long-term capital gains on $500,000 which could be as high as 40% if you are in California, or $200,000.
  • If you invest the $500,000 of untaxed gains into an opportunity zone fund, the gain is not taxable, and you don’t have to pay taxes today at the Federal level for sure and potentially even the state level (consult your state laws or ask us!)

Now let’s assume you invest the $500,000 into the Manorshare O-Fund to invest in Airbnb property and in 10 years that investment is worth $1,500,000 in 10 years.

  • You pay NO TAX on the additional $1,000,000 of gain in the O-Fund at the Federal level and potentially the state as well.
  • Your initial deferred gain of $500,000 is now only taxed at 85% of the gain (15% forgiveness), so you save taxes on that as well.
  • This could increase your after-tax rate of return by up to 74% (depending upon your tax rate)


Simply put, this is the first time anything like this has been available to investors and may be the right time for you to consider a change. Please consult with your legal, financial and tax advisor(s) and contact us if you have any questions.

How to Get Business Travelers to Your Airbnb

If you are looking to attract business travelers to your Airbnb, then you need to prepare to attract them with the right advertising, great accommodations and by being a great host. More than 250,000 companies have embraced their customers staying in an Airbnb in the United States with many business travelers returning to the same area numerous times.

Consider Your Advertising

To get business executives to stay in your property, you need to write your property description with them in mind. State how far you are from the nearest airport, important business areas in your city or the convention center because business travelers are looking to stay in convenient locations. Additionally, check with the local chamber of commerce and convention centers to see what major conventions and events are coming up and mention them in your advertising. Business people are always pressed for time, so make sure that you offer instant booking.

Consider your pricing if you want to rent to business travelers. Many need to stay in an area for numerous days, so see if you can give them a break for staying more than one night. This may also be a great way to encourage business travelers to relax and spend the weekend enjoying your property keeping it full for longer. Realize that business travelers are very budget conscious. While you may want to raise your prices when major conventions are in town, try to keep your prices lower than business hotels to encourage travelers to stay at your property. Once you start to receive positive feedback, then you may be able to raise your rates slightly.

Organize Your Property

To be listed in the business traveling section of the Airbnb website, you must have a no pets policy, operate a smoke-free facility and take steps to make your property allergen free. Additionally, business travelers must be able to check-in 24 hours a day seven days a week. While this is a great place to start, you need to take it to the next level to attract business travelers and get great reviews from them. Make sure your location has:

  • Reliable Wi-Fi at top speeds
  • Work desk with comfortable chair
  • Lots of outlets
  • Extra chargers
  • Easy parking


You will want to make it as easy on the person staying at your property to look great in the morning as possible. Therefore, think about offering premium bath products, an iron and ironing board, and weather-appropriate jackets and umbrellas.

Be a Great Host

It is not hard to tell what industry a business traveler works in, so prepare a list of industry-specific areas of interest in your community. If you do not know where these places are, usually local business associations and the chamber will be glad to help you.

Business travelers demand privacy. Therefore, make sure that there are no loud parties at your property while they are staying there. In fact, most business executives would rather rent an entire apartment or house than having to share it with other people.

While your weekend guests may enjoy preparing meals in your unit, most business travelers need quick places to eat. Look around your community for places offering quick meals at reasonable prices. Focus on local restaurants when possible as many travelers get very tired of eating at the same restaurants for weeks on end.

Ask for Reviews

Write a quick note shortly after the business traveler has left telling them how much you enjoyed them staying at your property. You may even want to send them a little gift focusing on things you learned about them during their stay or their industry from your local area. Ask them to leave a positive review for your property or to let you know if there are areas that need improvement. Business travelers are often a great source of inspiration for ways to improve your Airbnb property management because they stay in so many different places each year.

There are many different ways that you can market your property to business travelers with your listing, according to an Airbnb property management expert. After you start attracting executives, then make sure to exceed their expectations by providing them a great place to work and information about your area. Make it easy for them to leave great reviews of your property because business travelers rely on the impressions of other executives when choosing their next place to stay.

What are Some Ways to Keep a Property Booked During Off-season

While your vacation rental may stay full during the high-season, you may find that you have trouble attracting guests during the off-season. If this is the case, then you may need to take some steps to create more interest in your property during the off-season. While it takes some extra work, you may find that it puts your occupancy rates far ahead of your competition.

Identify Your Off-season Target Audience

If this is not the first year that you have owned your property, then look at your records to see who stays with you during the off-season. You may discover that you have a very different audience staying with you at different times of the year. For example, if you have a four-bedroom property near Coney Island, you may discover that it attracts lots of families during the summer, but once the kids head back to school, your property attracts older couples who are looking for a weekend getaway.

Upgrade Your Unit

While you will want to keep the return-on-investment in mind, think about upgrading your property. Think about ways that you can attract people to stay at your property. Adding unexpected amenities allows you to up your wow factor enticing more guests to your property during the off-season. Many owners find that adding a jacuzzi allows them to attract more guests. Make sure that your beds are ultra-comfortable and that you offer high-end bedding. Luxurious bathrobes and natural bath products may be an expected surprise for guests staying at your property.

Keep Your Listing Current

The way that Airbnb lists there units means that those that have been updated recently appear near the top of the list. Therefore, think about updating your photos on your listing. Additionally, get an events calendar for the area so that you can talk about large conventions, trade shows and festivals in your write-up. Talking about these events is a great way to show attendees that you are interested in why they are coming to your property. Above all else, make sure to keep your calendar current. This is especially important if your unit is located in an area where some close down during the off-season.

Create Packages

One of the best ways to attract guests during the off-season is to create packages. If you know that the majority of the guests are foodies, then consider including two complimentary dinners at a nearby restaurant. Alternatively, if you are attracting athletes, then think about including a limited-time offer to a local fitness facility. For this to be successful, it needs to be something that your guests are likely to enjoy. One popular Airbnb property management company gets great results by offering multi-night discounts during the off-season.

Contact Past Guests

Contact guests that have stayed with you in the past. Offer them a discount if they will stay with you during the off-season. Additionally, offer them a gift if they refer a friend who stays at your property. For example, you may want to give them a break on their next booking or send them a small item that is famous in your area.

Lower Your Rates

You should know what amount of revenue you need each month to break even. There is no point in discounting your rates below this point because you will be losing money. Many properties offer a discounted rate for last-minute bookings during the off-season. Others find that creating a weekend price point and a weekday price point helps them to garner the most business. If you choose this option, make sure that you know why your customers are staying with you. For example, if business people are staying with you, then you may want to charge more during the week. Alternatively, if your property attracts leisure travelers, then charge more on the weekend. If you have a minimum night stay policy, then you may need to adjust it during the off-season.

To attract more guests to your Airbnb during the off-season, you need to use a two-prong approach. Making your property the best it can be while increasing your marketing efforts will help you succeed. If you need help, then please contact our Airbnb property management company.

Why Choose an Airbnb Property Over a Hotel Room?

If you are traveling, then there are many reasons that you may want to choose an Airbnb property over a hotel. Airbnb properties are often locally owned, have been thoughtfully designed and are wonderful places to experience the local culture. While they are filled with amenities including outdoor living spaces, most are located in quiet residential areas. Learn even more of the reasons to choose an Airbnb property.

Beautifully Designed Living Spaces

While it is often difficult to tell which city you are in because hotel rooms across a brand all look alike, each Airbnb property has its own vibe. While a few have been designed by professional designers, most Airbnb properties have been designed by owners who have poured their heart and soul into creating a welcoming living space.


Rather done by an Airbnb property management company or the hosts, someone has taken the opportunity to get to know your reasons for booking the unit, then they have created a living area that suits your tastes perfectly. Airbnb properties are often equipped with all types of luxuries including the most comfortable beds and luxurious linens.


Most Airbnb property is unique. However, most have wonderful amenities like a kitchen where you can prepare your meals, an outside living space and plenty of room to spread out. Over 74 percent are located outside the main hotel districts. These units are usually located in residential areas meaning they are usually quieter. Additionally, you are likely to find one located much closer to where you want to play or need to work than hotels.


Many people enjoy staying in an Airbnb because they have space. For example, children can be tucked away in a bedroom at night while Mom and Dad enjoy some couple time after a long day of sightseeing. Many Airbnb properties have amazing outdoor spaces to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Local Information

You will find the hosts of most Airbnb properties to be a wealth of local information. Many have taken the time to get to know you personally before your stay. Then, they have pondered over the things that they think you would enjoy doing in their community. Finally, they have prepared maps and other informational items about those locations. Most Airbnb hosts are opening their properties because they truly enjoy interacting with people. The guides prepared include all the local eateries and things to do during your stay.

Local Culture

In addition to being a wealth of information, most Airbnb properties are great places to stay for a taste of local culture. For example, many in the Phoenix area have beautiful examples of Native American art located in them while those located near Disney often have fun characters painted on the walls.


While the average hotel in the United States rents for more than $134, there are many beautiful Airbnb properties for under $50 a night. Because of the wonderful feedback system, guests know exactly what they are getting before they arrive. Additionally, many communities do not make Airbnb properties pay hotel occupancy rates. You may discover huge security deposits on a hotel bill, but you may not find any on your Airbnb bill because of their wonderful insurance.

Traveling is a wonderful adventure. Choosing an Airbnb property over a traditional hotel lets you take advantage of the local vibe of each community. Most are located in quiet residential areas with many amenities inside and out. The small-business minded people are glad that you chose to stay with them. In fact, we can not think of a single reason you would choose to stay in a hotel. Contact our Airbnb property management company so that we can help you find the perfect place to stay from our wide range of friends.

Does Property Management Save You Time?

Each person has 31,536,000 seconds annually, but have you ever noticed how fast those seem to fill up with activities. If you are thinking of opening a vacation rental business, then you need to consider if you have the time required to operate it properly.


Before you even list your property, you will need to do a lot of research. You will need to identify who your competition is and what they are doing to attract guests to their units. Furthermore, you need to determine what activities draw people to your geographical region. It is always a very good idea to develop a targeted audience profile before you begin.

Preparing Your Rental

Armed with the information you researched, you are ready to begin preparing your rental. In very few cases, you may be able to just remove your personal belongings, and you will be ready to begin. Most people, however, find that they must paint and resurface the floors. Others find that they need to completely redesign the space to attract their targeted audience.Creating outdoor living spaces with a hot tub and cooking area pays very well for most vacation rental property owners.

Making your Listing

Your listing can help you build a great business or make it fall flat on its face. The process begins with cleverly describing the property in a way that will be attractive to your targeted audience. Many people become so excited about finally listing their property that they skip important steps or run through them with reckless abandonment. This can come back to haunt you later as guests find other properties more attractive when they think about their own needs. Your listing must be approved, and it must be updated regularly taking even more time.

Choosing Service Providers

Even if you plan to do most of the day-to-day maintenance yourself, you still need to hire some service providers. You will need a great WiFi provider who understands that downtime costs you money. You also need the best cable provider in the area. Furthermore, you need to have a plumber and an electrician’s number on speed dial for the jobs that you cannot do yourself. Murphy’s Law says that there will be a very demanding client in the rental when something breaks.


After you have laid all the foundation work, then you are finally ready to accept your first booking. While the process seems quite straightforward, you will need to communicate with the guest to determine if your rental meets their expectations. Additionally, you need to learn a little about them so that you can prepare special materials and treats for them during their stay as you need great feedback. You also need to make sure that you keep your calendar updated on all the different sites after you accept the reservation or decide that you want to use the property yourself during a given period.

Arrival of Guests

You are finally to the day when your first guest walks proudly through the door of your vacation rental. You will need to be on hand, even if it is the middle of the night, to give them their keys and help them settle in. Guests may have countless questions about your rental, and a tour of it is almost mandatory even if you promised your son you would be at his ballgame.

After their stay, you will need to check for and repair any damages, take steps to secure feedback while leaving feedback for them and prepare the unit for the next guest. If this sounds like more work than you are prepared to handle, then there is an easy solution. Hiring an Airbnb property management company allows you to earn most of the profit from a vacation rental without all the hassles. They already know the market, have experts ready to handle the redecorating and remodeling and are ready to handle guests and the issues that they create. You really can earn money from a vacation rental while on vacation when you work with our Airbnb property management company.

Essential Items Every Short-Term Rental Needs

If you are thinking of renting your home or other property as an Airbnb, then there are some items that you need to think about providing. Allowing guests access to these items will increase your ratings, and you will get more returning guests. You will also find that guests who find your unit well-equipped are more likely to recommend staying at your property to their friends. As an Airbnb property management company, we recommend that you print this list and put it where you can refer to it often.


Almost everyone loves to curl up at night and watch television on vacation. Many people also like to listen to the news or other programming as they get ready in the morning. Therefore, the primary living space should have a large television. You should also think about providing smaller units in each sleeping area. Make sure that you have the top cable or satellite television package. A DVD player with an extensive movie selection can also be an excellent way to show guests that you are glad that they chose to stay with you.


People want to connect with their friends even while they are on vacation while others may need to check work emails. Others prefer to spend part of their stay catching up on their favorite YouTube shows. Therefore, you should provide high-speed internet for your guests. You may also want to consider providing a computer or laptop if people staying in your unit are primarily there to work. Make sure to leave chargers where people can find them along with making sure that your unit has enough plugins to charge all the modern electronic devices.

Pull-Out Couch

You can usually demand more money for your unit if it has a pull-out couch as more people can stay in your Airbnb. A comfortable sofa also makes a perfect place to relax at night. Going on vacation is a very good time to take a nap on a couch, so make sure that it has a fluffy blanket or homemade quilt. This item just seems to scream welcome home.


Luxurious bed sheets and towels are a great way to let guests know that you are glad that they chose to stay with you. If it is likely that guests will spend time playing on the nearby beach or at a swimming pool, then make sure that you provide special towels for guests to take with them to these areas. Be sure that guests have access to extra blankets throughout the year. If children are allowed in your unit, then consider leaving some child-sized blankets as well.


Think about the last time that you went on vacation. If you are like many people, some toiletry seemed to jump out of your bag without you ever noticing. Therefore, make sure you leave sample-size toiletries where your guests can easily find them. Splurging on locally produced soaps and body washes can be an excellent way to increase interest in the area.


Get a large laminated map of your community and leave it where guests can easily find it. Mark places that you can highly recommend to your guests with a dry-erase marker on the map. The choices should be based on places that you think your guests will find most interesting based on their interests. If guests are likely to go for a run or walk, then print off a smaller map that they can carry with them. If your guests are likely to use public transportation, then include schedules and maps.

Weather Essentials

Guests may forget to check the weather before their vacation, so prepare for weather-related emergencies. Place two or three large umbrellas by the door and a jacket or two in the closet. If it is likely to be hot, then hang a wide-brimmed hat on the wall.


One of the reasons that people often cite for choosing to stay in an Airbnb instead of a hotel is the chance to prepare their meals. Therefore, make sure that it is easy for your guests to do that by providing them with good appliances, basic cooking tools, and a well-stocked spice rack.

Supplying these necessities to your guests can provide rich dividends to your business. If you need help getting your unit going, then please contact our Airbnb property management company. We will be glad to share our knowledge with you.

The Importance of a Nice Outdoor Living Space and How to Create One

An outdoor living space is a great addition to your Airbnb property. The cost of creating one is often absorbed by more people renting your property at a higher rate. Many people also find that their occupancy rate escalates when they offer an outdoor kitchen. Creating one can be lots of fun because it is a chance to become creative as there are so many different choices available. Follow these steps to create an outdoor living space that your guests will love. As an Airbnb Property management company, we see outdoor spaces increase the rental value all the time.

Choose a Theme

Start by selecting a theme for your outdoor dining area. Often people choose a theme based on why people stay at their property such as its location near a ballfield or major attraction. Those with an Airbnb property in the country may want to consider a rustic theme while those living near the water may want to incorporate coastal elements. Meanwhile, others choose a sophisticated theme extending with the elegance of the indoor living space. Once you decide on the theme, choose a focal point for the eye to rest on while choosing other pieces complementing the central point. This point may be the beautiful scenery viewable from your property.

Make it Private

Unless your property is located miles away from neighboring property, think about how you will separate the area from others seeing what is happening there. Tall vertical screens are the perfect solution with shelving ensures privacy while adding additional storage space. Others will want to add shrubs to block the neighbor’s view. Adding mesh screens is a favorite of many especially if insects may be a problem. Incorporating architectural elements of the existing home makes it look like the outdoor living space has been there from the beginning. While you are thinking about privacy, also consider how people will move within the outdoor space along as how they will move between the central living space and the outdoor living area.

Think About Outdoor Kitchens

Considering an outdoor kitchen is a great option for many properties. Make sure to keep it functional by designing the area in zones. Outdoor kitchen equipment often forms the boundaries of the room. The best outdoor kitchens allow people to move between indoor and outdoor kitchens quickly. Choose material that will easily withstand the elements in your geographical region. Smokers, grills and brick ovens make excellent additions to many outdoor kitchen areas. At least one fire source should be planned that guests will enjoy sitting around on cooler nights.

Contemplate Seating

A variety of seating options allows everyone to enjoy the space more. Consider using smaller chairs if families are invited to rent your Airbnb property. A seating wall is often a great option as it can often be used to stop erosion along with forming a boundary to the outside living area. Choose options allowing people to have quiet conversations in the outdoor living space. You cannot have too many seating options as long as you do not block traffic flow.

Ponder Activities

You want the people renting your space to enjoy themselves, so think about incorporating a variety of activities. You may want to plan quiet areas for reading a book along with other sectors for table games. Some people even make it easy to move from the outside living space to the yard where volleyball nets, lawn darts or other activities are provided.

Muse on Outdoor Lighting Options

Extend the time that guests can choose to use the outdoor living space by incorporating the right light. Consider task lighting where people need to see what they are doing such as the cooking area. Use mood lighting near the dining area if you are incorporating one into your outdoor living space. Increase safety by making sure that any steps and drop-offs are well lit warns one Airbnb property management company.

Our Airbnb property management company will be glad to assist you with the details. Give us a call so that we can discuss your ideas with you. We will even be happy to help you find contractors and maintenance staff to help you build and maintain outdoor living spaces.