Top tips to prepare your vacation rental for summer in 2019

As spring arrives in Seattle and other parts of the country, it is time to start preparing your property for the upcoming vacation season. Of course, you will want to treat yourself to some well-deserved time off, but do not let these days slip by too quickly or you will end up with sleepless nights in wherever your vacation property is located.

Refresh Your Property

Use this time to refresh your property. Get those walls painted that you never seem to have time to do during the busier months when your property stays full. Remember that you never have a second chance to make a first impression, so get some low-maintenance flowers planted that will bloom without much help throughout the upcoming year. If you have plants or trees that need to be pruned, get them taken care of before your summer guests start arriving.

Update the Look

Move inside to look at your property. If you are still using last year’s sheets and blankets, ensure that they are not starting to show their age. Ponder what atmosphere you are trying to create in your property. Find ways to enhance those so that guests will leave even more five-star reviews when they start arriving later in the year.

You will also want to restock for the upcoming season to cut down on the number of late-night trips you need to buy supplies. Hopefully, you have kept track of how many rolls of toilet paper, bottles of lotion and other things you went through during the last season. If you provide a kitchen, then check out supplies there. Get rid of any cups, plates or other items that have gotten stained or cracked. Make sure that you have plenty of napkins, spices, and plastic-ware on hand to delight your guests. Stock up now and eliminate the hassle of trying to find them later.

Review Staff

If you hire things out at your vacation property, then now is a great time to review your staffing requirements for the upcoming year. Decide on who is doing you a great job and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. It may even be time to hand out a few bonuses. Touch bases with them to make sure that they are ready for the upcoming season.Unfortunately, some staff may need to be replaced because of job performance. If that is the case, then find reliable replacements. After all, you do not want it hurting your reviews during the upcoming season. Review these contracts and let them know that you do not intend to renew them. Then, get busy replacing them with reputable individuals and companies. If this part is taking too much time, that is what we do! We manage your Airbnb property and make it a hassle-free experience.

Update Your Guides

If it has been a while since you create your city guide, then it is time to update it. Make sure that the places that you recommend are still in business and still pleasing customers. See if there are new places that you need to recommend. Look at the upcoming festival season and provide that information to your guests to encourage re-bookings. While you are at it, while not send a quick note to your guests from last year encouraging them to book their stays with you again this year as early as possible.Review Rates and Occupancy

You need to spend some time on Airbnb’s site reviewing properties like yours. Look to be sure that you have your prices set fairly to attract guests. See what other properties are using as keywords in their descriptions. After all, it is far better to keep your property rented than to have lots of empty nights. Make sure to do this throughout the season to stay on top!

Hire a Professional

One thing that you will want to do is to hire a Airbnb property management company. You do not want to spend the beautiful days of spring and the upcoming travel season bogged down in managing the details of your property. Instead, let someone do the hard work for you and enjoy the benefits of owning a vacation property. These beautiful days of spring will be gone before you know it. You need to get a hustle on before your summer guests start arriving.