If you are traveling, then there are many reasons that you may want to choose an Airbnb property over a hotel. Airbnb properties are often locally owned, have been thoughtfully designed and are wonderful places to experience the local culture. While they are filled with amenities including outdoor living spaces, most are located in quiet residential areas. Learn even more of the reasons to choose an Airbnb property.

Beautifully Designed Living Spaces

While it is often difficult to tell which city you are in because hotel rooms across a brand all look alike, each Airbnb property has its own vibe. While a few have been designed by professional designers, most Airbnb properties have been designed by owners who have poured their heart and soul into creating a welcoming living space.


Rather done by an Airbnb property management company or the hosts, someone has taken the opportunity to get to know your reasons for booking the unit, then they have created a living area that suits your tastes perfectly. Airbnb properties are often equipped with all types of luxuries including the most comfortable beds and luxurious linens.


Most Airbnb property is unique. However, most have wonderful amenities like a kitchen where you can prepare your meals, an outside living space and plenty of room to spread out. Over 74 percent are located outside the main hotel districts. These units are usually located in residential areas meaning they are usually quieter. Additionally, you are likely to find one located much closer to where you want to play or need to work than hotels.


Many people enjoy staying in an Airbnb because they have space. For example, children can be tucked away in a bedroom at night while Mom and Dad enjoy some couple time after a long day of sightseeing. Many Airbnb properties have amazing outdoor spaces to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Local Information

You will find the hosts of most Airbnb properties to be a wealth of local information. Many have taken the time to get to know you personally before your stay. Then, they have pondered over the things that they think you would enjoy doing in their community. Finally, they have prepared maps and other informational items about those locations. Most Airbnb hosts are opening their properties because they truly enjoy interacting with people. The guides prepared include all the local eateries and things to do during your stay.

Local Culture

In addition to being a wealth of information, most Airbnb properties are great places to stay for a taste of local culture. For example, many in the Phoenix area have beautiful examples of Native American art located in them while those located near Disney often have fun characters painted on the walls.


While the average hotel in the United States rents for more than $134, there are many beautiful Airbnb properties for under $50 a night. Because of the wonderful feedback system, guests know exactly what they are getting before they arrive. Additionally, many communities do not make Airbnb properties pay hotel occupancy rates. You may discover huge security deposits on a hotel bill, but you may not find any on your Airbnb bill because of their wonderful insurance.

Traveling is a wonderful adventure. Choosing an Airbnb property over a traditional hotel lets you take advantage of the local vibe of each community. Most are located in quiet residential areas with many amenities inside and out. The small-business minded people are glad that you chose to stay with them. In fact, we can not think of a single reason you would choose to stay in a hotel. Contact our Airbnb property management company so that we can help you find the perfect place to stay from our wide range of friends.