To start with, Airbnb short-term rentals, sometimes called vacation rentals or VRBO, are properties available on demand similar to a hotel. The main benefits to guests are the location is often much better, it’s quieter, you get the place to yourself, and it feels more like home. The business of short term rentals is booming, and there is a need for a service to help people with their investment property.

An Airbnb property management service is a company that manages properties for investors. Often the property owners only have one or two properties, and it is taking up too much time to manage them. A good service will handle the guest interactions, cleanings, and maintenance. This is worth a fee in exchange for saving the owners time.

If you currently have an Airbnb listing, does it cause you stress? It shouldn’t! Many hosts (you, the property owner) spend too much time managing a property or two. Often the most painful part is dealing with guest check out and turning over the property for the next guest. The cleaning crew doesn’t show up, doesn’t do a good job, or charges too much. Did your guests do some damage to the property? That’s more phone calls (and you have to go on site to deal with it). Often the cleaning crew ignores damages since they are only getting paid to clean. It’s unfortunate but a reality.

Manorshare is the service that deals with these issues and more. No more driving to your property to deal with a plumbing issue. No more dealing with a cleaning crew.  No more dealing with guest questions about where the forks are located. We have managers in each city that are experts and handle these issues. We optimize the listing to get the best guests and you the most income. We deal with the city taxes and provide an accounting statement each month. Pricing is adjusted (by us) based on the area and how the calendar looks so your property will be booked as much as possible.

Do you currently have a long term rental property (12 month leases) and want to convert it to an short term rental? Is the tenant about to leave and you are loathing finding another one? We can walk you through the process of Airbnb. With our experience, it always works out better for the investor and they are hands-off!

All this and just a flat rate of 25% of the rental income. Our fee will most likely pay for itself with the increase of bookings and their quality. We charge flat rates for other services like property setup, but we can talk about that if you need it!

Interested? Contact us today and we can work with you on having a fully managed property that gets you the best returns.

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