There are a few types of hosting available to you on the Airbnb platform.

  1. Shared Room – this is where you only rent out a portion of your home and the room can have multiple separate guests in it
  2. Private Room – if you want to rent a room for one booking/guest and they get the space to themselves
  3. Entire Home – you are renting out the entire home (this is where Manorshare does it’s work)

If you want to be an Airbnb host in one of the first two categories, and especially if you want to be a good one, there are some specific things you’ll want to consider. With the right tips, you can be ready to take good care of your guests, whether you’re going to be at home during their stay or not.

Be Sure You Know What You’re Doing

A lot of people get into Airbnb to make some money, but they really aren’t clear on how it will affect them otherwise. Having strangers stay in your home can be a very unique experience, though, and it’s something many hosts aren’t really prepared for. Think carefully about how you will handle things, so you can be ready and enjoy the experience. If you want a fully managed Airbnb property, we can help.

Let Guests Know If You’ll Be There

Some hosts are home when guests are there, and some have extra homes they use or they travel a lot. If you’re going to be home, guests should know that. Some people just don’t want to stay in a stranger’s home when that person is there, because of privacy or other issues. By being clear on whether you will be there, anyone who might book your home can decide if they really want to stay there, or if they would be more comfortable in a location where they can have a more hotel-like experience and a higher level of privacy.

Sharing May Be Uncomfortable for Some People

Not everyone likes to share, and if they feel they are living with a roommate during their stay, that may make them uncomfortable. Any Airbnb hosts who are going to be sharing a kitchen or bathroom with their guests should make that known. They should also be clear on whether there will be other guests there during that time, or whether the person booking the location will have the entire house to themselves. This can make a big difference depending on the type of experience a person is looking for.

Be Clear About the Experience You Are Providing

The best thing you can do as an Airbnb host is to be up front about things. Many guests are fine with unique or different accommodations, but they need to be informed of them ahead of time. If you tell your potential guests the truth and they book your location, they’ll know what to expect. They may also have a great time and appreciate your honesty, which can mean they’ll give you a good recommendation and also stay with you the next time they’re in town.

Manage My Property

If you are interesting in owning an investment property for short-term rentals, Contact Us Today. We manage entire home bookings and take the hassle out of the Airbnb equation.