Frequently Asked Questions


What are your services?

We believe in simplicity for our clients. That means there is one level of service which covers everything for your property. We handle:

  • Property Acquisition (if you need it)
  • Property setup – electronic lock installations, furniture, supplies (towels, paper products, etc)
  • Listing management – setup and consistent optimizations based on user feedback
    • Photos – we coordinate with Airbnb to provide professional photos so your property shines
  • Guest services – we respond to all guest inquiries and take care of any issues before, during, and after their stay
    • Check in / Check out – we cover every step in the process
  • Trash and recycling – got it
  • Monthly financials – we send you a complete list of income and expenses at the end of each month

And much more… You own the home, we do the rest!  We want you to generate as much revenue as possible from your Airbnb property (since we only make a percentage when it actually rents!)


What fee do you charge for management? 

We charge a flat rate 25% of rental income. We do not include taxes in that calculation (so we don’t charge you on tax income). Supplies are charged separately at our cost (we deduct it from your monthly payout). We only make money when you do, so it’s in our best interest to get you the highest bookings, and more of them. We only want high quality tenants in the properties so they can be cleaned easily and turned around for the next guest.


Where do you currently operate? 

We are accepting new clients in Seattle, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles / Orange County, Phoenix, Prescott, and Washington D.C. Please check our locations page for current information. We are always adding new cities, so Contact Us if yours is not listed.


Do you have to approve my property? 

We want to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, so we carefully look over each property and make sure we are able to provide the best client experience. This means not all properties are allowed under our management. If your property is not approved, there are no fees ever charged to you.


Are your staff local to the area if there is an issue? 

Yes, that is a main key to success. We have local staff available 24/7 for any issues your guests may have. The local staff are the ones who are in contact with them throughout the entire booking, check-in, and check-out process.


How do guests get into my property? 

We have had great success with electronic locks that allow guests to enter the property on their own. This offers a high level of convenience for them since they don’t have to coordinate with the host to get into their place. We are also able to monitor the device remotely so we know when they show up, and when they lock the doors.


Do you handle the finances?

We take care of the taxes that must be paid to each state and local authority, we handle payments coming in, any expenses incurred for supplies, any guest issues and we then bill the guest if necessary, and then we itemize a statement for you each month. Property owners are responsible for paying any financing that may occur (like the mortgage), utilities, property tax, and insurance premiums.


What is the check out process like?

We will walk through the home and look for any signs of damage or smoking. The next step is a thorough cleaning of the property, and setting up everything back to perfection. We setup the property to hotel standards for linens and cleanliness. Our on-site staff have a vested interest in keeping the property highly maintained as we want only the best guests and reviews!


Is there a long term contract?

Short answer, no!  We believe in month to month engagements so we are always proving our worth to you. If you want to cancel for any reason just let us know (we always welcome feedback). So far we haven’t had any clients cancel!


What are the guest “rules”?

We will work with you to determine if there are additional rules you would like. Our standards revolve around:

  • No Smoking on or near the property
  • No pets unless pre-approved by Manorshare and the property owner
  • Respect the neighbors and use quiet hours
  • Written number of guests allowed to stay on the property (no additional overnight guests without approval)
  • Please let us know about damages incurred or found

..And much more – each of these are tailored to the property and what amenities it offers