Customer Testimonials


I would like to forward my strongest recommendation for Jordan Taylor & Manorshare LLC. Jordan and his team currently manage multiple of my short-term rental units and have done an incredible job. The team truly hits all the important points when it comes to running such a dynamic business. Beyond impeccable customer-service and prompt response to tenant’s requests/questions, they have a strong focus on website optimization and real-world price adjustment. As an owner, I am thankful to their ability to address any issues that come up and only get me involved when it’s beyond the routine (basically when I want to get involved). Their ability to take a unit from “empty” to “listed and ready” is second to none and often their needed equipment are ordered before even the closing date. Lastly, their keeping of the finances and numbers are truly detailed, honest, and made easy to understand.

I am very thankful to have them running my units and I can honestly say that I probably would not be in this business if it was not for they assistance. I recommend them without reservations.

Adnan, December 2017


In these days when news is either fake or exaggerated, here’s a review that is neither.
Manorshare manages the historic Casita attached to our home. They are sensitive to finding guests who appreciate and respect our home; have been immediately responsive to the needs of our guests, and to mine. From reservations to housekeeping and filling the welcoming goody basket, they do it all.
They are honest, dependable, and deliver what they promise…all of which inspires me in these troubled times.

-Dr H., April 2018


Manorshare is a company that I am very happy to recommend to anyone interested in short term rental property investing. Jordan Taylor and the Manorshare team do a phenomenal job at managing their portfolio of properties nationwide. They strive to go the extra effort to make sure that everything runs smoothly with the properties and guests. As an investor and property owner, Manorshare has my full confidence for all my short term rental investment needs. 

Vijay, January 2019