What Does Manorshare Do For Your Airbnb Property?

Our goal is to provide a complete experience with little to no involvement from you (the property owner). We take over every aspect in regards to presenting the property to guests.

We specialize in Airbnb Property Management.

What we do for our clients:

  • We can guide a property purchase if that is needed (we have access to rental data and can get the best return for your budget range)
  • Setup your home with furniture and supplies needed to provide a great guest experience
    • This means beds, linens, bathroom and kitchen supplies, lights, rugs, and anything else that we deem necessary
  • List the property on Airbnb with professional photos and optimized wording to attract the best guests
    • We also create guest guidebooks so they know where all the great amenities are in the area
  • Respond to all guest questions and booking requests promptly
  • Manage all funds and send you money each month
    • We also handle the tax obligations for each property since they differ all over the U.S.
  • On-site manager when needed and always local staff in case of any issues that arise
  • Full guest coordination when they are arriving and departing, where the property is located
  • Full cleaning and property assessment after every tenant
  • Insurance services – find the right policy so your covered (on top of Airbnb’s policy)
    • This is often neglected by casual hosts, many long term insurance policies do not cover short term vacation rentals

If you are in the market for a rental property, we will help you find the best deals in the area. We have access to past data on Airbnb listings to see where the best deals are.

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