Airbnb Property Management + Acquisition

– You Own The Home


– We Do The Rest

Short-Term Property and Airbnb Management Specialists



Listing Management and Optimization – we find you the best tenants at the best price. We are the host.


Guests are always in communication with our local Managers, 24/7. We host on-site walk-throughs if requested.


Your home is cleaned after every guest and put back to perfection. We stock all supplies and address any issues.


We handle your guests payments, and pay you every month. We take our 25% fee out automatically and include a detailed statement for your records.  


We setup new properties from scratch or ensure your existing property have all the right amenities to produce the best rates.


Don’t have a property? We will work on finding the best rental for the purchase price based on your budget. 


We work with a local Professional Photographer to create the best images to market your listing.



Guest questions are responded to quickly and accurately. We aim for perfect ratings on your listings. 



Our 20+ years of combined experience with investing and managing short-term rental properties works for your direct benefit. 


We guide you through the proper insurance policy for your rental. Airbnb covers some liability, but not everything. 


We manage the entire process for you, from purchasing a property to guests renting it. Our proven strategy can be yours. 

Customer Testimonial

I would like to forward my strongest recommendation for Jordan Taylor & Manorshare LLC. Jordan and his team currently manage multiple of my short-term rental units and have done an incredible job. The team truly hits all the important points when it comes to running such a dynamic business. Beyond impeccable customer-service and prompt response to tenant’s requests/questions, they have a strong focus on website optimization and real-world price adjustment... Read More


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What if I don’t have a property?

If you don’t know where to start and want to get into the short-term investment business, we can help! We use a combination of our previous experience and analytics data to find the best rental price for your purchase dollar. We use past listings to find exactly the kind of property and a particular area. With everything we do, there is no obligation. Contact us and see how we can get you into a property. If you want to invest in real estate, but don’t want the hassle of tenants, this could be your solution. We have the right contacts to get your exact property and get it rented. Once your property closes, we can get all the furniture setup, linens, lighting, TV; you name it, we will get it setup. There are many things guests expect these days, so we make sure they are all available. We manage the bookings and all guest interactions. A quick response to you guest inquiries helps us earn the best bookings for you.

Can you take over an existing Airbnb Listing?

Yes! We work with all types of property owners, including those who already have a listing on Airbnb. If you are tired of dealing with your property, the guest hassles, and all the communication necessary to keep it going, we can help! We believe in a complete solution, if you don’t want to deal with the on-site crews, you don’t have to. On the other hand, if you have a preferred contact for certain issues, we are more than happy to keep that relationship going. No need to switch over if someone is already familiar with your property. We will handle the outreach to them once we get going.

Why choose Manorshare over a cheaper provider?

Great question, first and foremost we care. We are not a giant conglomerate with thousands of listings. Many of those firms can offer a 10% fee merely because they automate everything and don’t have a personal touch. We are a boutique firm that caters to owners who want a hands-off experience. The benefit of a small business is our understanding of your property and all of its nuances. You’re not going to get added to a giant system that just pumps out listings automatically. We tailor each listing to the property and the wants of the owner. Our service means accurate details, photographs, and explanations of the area. A guidebook is created for your property so Guests know exactly what is close by, and what they can expect the home to provide. Do the other listings in your area provide a bicycle for guests? Well, we do the research and will get them in place so you can compete with the top properties and get the best bookings. We customize the per night pricing based on how much availability your property has and what the market needs. Our on-site staff does not manage a thousand properties in an area, so you can rest assured your rental is cleaned and ready for the next guest, every time.